Most of the banks will accept these checks. There is really no reason why they shouldn't accept these checks. The program provides you with the micr font which is the font style that you see at the bottom of all checks. 

And, most banks use optical scanning equipment to read the numbers at the bottom of the check. However, some banks still use the older and much outdated method of magnetic ink. If that is the case, it's easy to set up an account at a bank that accepts these checks or as my bank told me "No problems, at worst case scenario, we would just have to manually key them in and you would be accessed a special handling fee"! WOW! 

I thought $$$$! So, I asked how much? I nearly busted out laughing when I was told 25 cents each! Credit card transactions are usually 30 cents plus 2-4%! Oh, by the way! My bank does NOT have to manually key them in! No fees whatsoever! And my bank is a ONE BANK CHAIN! Maybe that is good, because they outsource all their check processing to a major check processing center which uses optical scanning equipment! 

When I first asked a teller if I could print my customers check's and deposit them in my account, I got a dumb stare and a blank look! So, she asked her supervisor who asked her supervisor! They all looked stupefied by the question and looked at me like I was crazy!  

Well, after they checked (ha! ha!) into it! I was told to bring in 10 samples so they could submit them to the processing company! And, that in the mean time, they would begin accepting the checks and if necessary, access the 25 cent fee! Well, like I said above, No fees and No problems! 

I've been selling this software for quite awhile now, and NO ONE has ever complained about it! Or told me that their bank would not accept these checks! The author of the software said the first time he printed up some checks, he put them into the night deposit so no tellers would ask him any questions! And, he didn't have any questions later, either!







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