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Accept checks onlineChecks By E-Mail,
Checks By Online Form! Use online check form

Accept Checks by Phone, Fax, Email and Online
Forms, whether Business or Personal. 
This Check Software enables you to accept a
check over the phone, receive a check by fax,
or accept a check via email, thru an online
form or any other way possible!
The Check Software is designed for personal
or business use.
With the Check Software, you can print a check
and deposit it in your personal or business
All you need to do, it collect the information
off the customers check, enter that check data
into the software, and print out a check that
you can deposit!
You can even print your own check or checks
and save the cost of having them printed by
someone else!
Perfectly legal at any financial institution in
the United States. Order the full version software
today for only $14.95

Pay by check or credit card

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Order Now - Only $14.95

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